How to Care for Your Bikini

We suggest always hand washing your favorite swimwear in cold water with a drop of light detergent and hanging it to dry.

Washing machines are a swimsuits worst enemy! Swimsuits take a beating from all the chlorine, salt, sand, sun, sunscreen and other lotions we use while having a great time at the beach or pool. To keep your swimsuit from losing its shape and fading, it needs special care. Swimsuits are made from materials that allow them to stretch and fit correctly, while enduring constant soaking and drying. These materials can be sensitive to harsh cleaners and high temperatures, so it’s best to hand-wash most of your swimwear. Wash suits – separately and in cold water – before wearing them for the first time.

Rinse swimsuits in cold water as soon as possible after they’ve been exposed to chlorine or salt water.

Do not wrap your swimsuit in your towel. The towel has soaked up all of the chemicals and will continue to expose the swimsuit materials to their harsh effects.

Never leave suits out to dry in the sun. Overexposure to sunlight can damage the fabric or fade the suit.

If you use your swimsuit daily, invest in several. Giving your suit an entire day to dry and reform its shape will increase its lifespan.

Do not use bleach products on swimsuit.

Do not iron swimsuits.